This section enables you to join one of the EMCATOS email distribution lists, and once you have joined, allows you to make any changes you desire or completely remove yourself from distribution.

EMCATOS has two email distribution lists, only one of which may you be a member:

  • General Interest list - notifies you of concerts, silent films and other public events.
  • Member list - notifies you of General Interest events as well as member events and other items of interest.  You do not have to be a member of EMCATOS to be on the Member list, and you are welcome to join us for our member events unless otherwise noted.  Of course, we do invite you to join us as a member.
  • Use the following transactions to manage your EMCATOS email distribution.  If you are unsure of your status on our email lists, just do an Add or a Remove transaction, and we will figure it out.

  • Add - Use the Add transaction to join one of our lists.   Also use the Add transaction if you are already on one list and want to change to the other list.
  • Remove - Use the Remove transaction to remove yourself from our email distribution.
  • If your email address changes, do a Remove transaction using your old email address followed by an Add transaction using your new email address.
  • Note that your email address will remain private and will neither be distributed to any other entities, nor be used for any purposes other than those mentioned in the list descriptions above.

    Also, only a single instance of your email address will reside on our distribution lists.  You will receive only one copy of an email message regardless of how many Add transactions you do using the same email address.